How HR Can Thrive Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Future Workplace is proud to announce our next Future Workplace Spark Session taking place virtually on September 24th from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm EDT. This session is open to both members of the Future Workplace Network, and nonmembers who want to learn about Future Workplace and the Future Workplace Academy.

Our Future Workplace Spark sessions are created to keep you, the HR practitioner, up to date on the latest research impacting HR– particularly now, in the midst of the Coronavirus. We believe it’s not enough to simply read about  how the “human” side of work is becoming more important than ever, we must discuss this as a community and learn from each other! So, we have created an engaging and informative 90 minute Spark session on “How HR Can Thrive Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Here is what we will cover:

Anne Fulton, CEO of Fuel50, will kick us off to discuss Fuel50 latest research on changes in HR capabilities during this pandemic. Anne will examine three categories of trending HR capabilities: Leadership (building transparency and strategic reinvention into your culture) Behavioral (practicing agility and cultural competence) and Business (managing remote teams and ensuring the wellness of all employees).

Jeanne Meister, Managing Partner, Future Workplace will share the latest research conducted in partnership with Cognizant Center for Future of Work on 21 HR Jobs of the Future and will identify new HR job roles created during the last 2 years and new HR job roles we see on the horizon as companies navigate the “new normal” of work.

This is HR’s moment to lead organizations into the future. In fact, research indicates that 73% of workers depend on their employer for support in preparing for the future of work. Just as CFOs have greatly increased their scope since the 2008 financial crisis, CHROs now have that same opportunity to become central C-suite players.

Interested in joining us on September 24th? Registrations are available for all current Internal HR, IT, or Internal Corporate Learning Practitioners. All registrations are subject to review.