People Analytics in Practice: LIVE ONLINE Four Week Program

People Analytics In Practice is a LIVE ONLINE course, held in 2 hour sessions once a week for four weeks, taking place on Wednesdays starting July 14, 2021.

The sessions are focused on learning by doing and are highly interactive and collaborative.

Live Online Course: People Analytics in Practice

Meet Your Live Session Leader: Heather Whiteman

Lecturer, People Analytics, UC Berkeley, and Future Workplace Fellow

Heather Whiteman, PhD, is an expert in people analytics, talent management and the future of work. Heather has 15 years of experience transforming organizations through the use of people data in areas such as performance, productivity, hiring, retention, diversity ethics & inclusion, learning & development, organizational design, HR policies, digital transformation, workforce planning, employee sentiment, mergers & acquisitions, and more. She has held executive roles at companies like General Electric and has led teams in talent management, learning & development, HR operations, technology, workforce planning and analytics. Heather has a master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a doctorate in Human Capital Management. Heather is currently a lecturer of People Analytics at universities like UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Stanford Continuing Studies and serves as a Future Workplace Fellow. Heather is also a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 260 which develops and sets global Human Resource Standards. Heather has helped hundreds of professionals learn how to apply people analytics for success in their organizations.

Plus: Mark Hanson, Product Owner, Talent Analytics at Emsi

As a product owner for Emsi’s talent analytics team, Mark Hanson leads the development of Emsi Skills products, guides initiatives and partnerships related to Emsi Skills, and both conducts and presents skills research. Prior to Emsi, he was the Director of Talent Analytics at UnitedHealth Group (as well as an Emsi customer for five years!), where he led UHG’s people analytics teams focused on talent intelligence, talent acquisition reporting, human capital reporting, and site selection.


In our ever increasing digital and data-driven world, the People Analytics in Practice: LIVE ONLINE Four Week Program prepares participants to leverage the power of data to transform the way we work, learn, and re-imagine HR practices. Today, data analytics in HR is one of the fastest growing, most in-demand skillsets for HR professionals.

The People Analytics in Practice: LIVE ONLINE Four Week Program will provide hands on experience led by an expert lead faculty, Heather Whiteman PhD, former Global Head of People Analytics for GE Digital. You will also meet and learn from guest experts in people analytics. The course is designed to transform participants, regardless of past analytics experience, into practitioners who can apply people analytics to solve business problems at their organization.

Work in Groups to Grow Your Network and Obtain Support from Peers
Receive Live Coaching from Faculty & Learn From Guest Experts
Apply People Analytics to a Business Problem in Your Company
Receive 10 SHRM/HRCI Re-certification Credits

This course is designed for hands-on, real-world application of people analytics for those at any level. Learners will receive content customized to their level of analytics experience.

Senior HR Leaders will find an opportunity to test out approaches for applying people analytics in their organizations.

HR Directors and Managers will find opportunities for applying analytics to understand the teams they support.

HR Subject Matter Experts in talent acquisition, L&D, and other areas, will find techniques for applying analytics to their specialty.

Materials you will be able to leverage in this course:


These sessions are best suited to individuals seeking to learn how to apply people analytics in their company, with job titles such as:

  • HR Business Partner
  • People Analytics Associate
  • HR Specialist, Talent Acquisition
  • Manager or Director, Talent Management
  • Manager or Director, Performance Consulting
  • Manager or Director, Talent Development
  • HR Business Partner
  • People Analytics Associate
  • HR Specialist, Talent Acquisition
  • Manager or Director, Talent Management
  • Manager or Director, Performance Consulting
  • Manager or Director, Talent Development


The Four Week Program includes:


You will have a wealth of resources to aid you along your journey in the course. But it won’t stop there! You will take with you:

worksheets with techniques that you can apply in your own business

your own team’s in depth work product, designed in this course

examples of other projects solving problems using people analytics

You will also have the steps and strategies, as well as the confidence that comes from practice and experience, to apply this approach to other problems in your organization after the course has ended.
If you love it and want even more practice, you can sign up for a future session and try your hand at a new or more challenging project next time!
You also may enjoy taking the online course “Solving Business Problems Using People Analytics” to get a more holistic understanding of applying people analytics through readings, lecture videos, expert case studies and exercises.

Learners who complete this course are eligible for 10 re-certification credits from SHRM and HRCI.


Can a large group participate from the same company?

Yes, reach out to Future Workplace to discuss how your team can complete a project using your company’s data and solve a specific business challenge you are facing.

What if I have already taken “Solving Business Problems Using People Analytics?” Is this live course right for me?

Yes! There is no duplication between the two courses; don’t worry about getting bored, this will be an exciting way to apply what you’ve already learned!

The People Analytics in Practice live online instructor-led program is more personal and interactive because it leverages live dialogue, discussion, and personal coaching that is not possible in the cohort-based Solving Business Problems Using People Analytics course. The People Analytics in Practice live course is highly customized to the attendees and enables participants to address a business/HR problem which is solved during the program. It’s very limited in size (30 attendees total) and each attendee gets a lot of personal attention from the instructor, Heather Whiteman.

Heather is a highly sought out instructor on this topic, and has 15 years of experience transforming organizations through the use of people data. There is no duplication between the two courses, so attendees are welcome to take both of them.

As Heather explains: “Solving Business Problems Using People Analytics is designed to provide the foundations of people analytics through a 5-week online course comprised of pre-recorded lectures and case studies. In it you learn from multiple experts in the field and through activities on your own schedule. People Analytics in Practice is for those who want to put a specific people analytics plan into action with direct coaching from both your instructor and other learners. They will both help you become a data-driven HR leader and both have something unique to offer.

Should I take one of these courses first?

The courses are designed to be effective no matter whether you take only one or both. If taking both, they are designed to work well regardless of the order in which they are taken. If you decide to take both courses, you will find that by taking one you will automatically be better prepared and have a deeper appreciation for the other, but you will never be at a disadvantage for not having taken both or by choosing to participate in one before the other.

What is the weekly time commitment?

Two hours per week for each online live session, and a half hour each week in between live sessions.

What happens if I miss a session?

All live sessions will be recorded and you will receive a link to review each session on your own time.