Reinventing New Hire On-boarding Innovation Jam
June 8 - 12 (Monday 9 AM ET - Friday 6 PM ET)
New hire onboarding has been revolutionized in the past few years. Gone is the era of three day in-person in classroom sessions with HR folks droning on about company culture and how to be successful and productive. Nowadays, the next crop of employees are more likely to encounter gamified pre-hire activities available on mobile devices pointing to content on Enterprise social networks - all designed to get them up to speed and engaged.

Our Innovation Jam will include New Hire Onboarding strategies, approaches & examples used by a range of start-up and established firms.
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Innovative new styles of leadership - ones that are collaborative, personalized, technologically adept and culturally attuned - will be required in the 2020 workplace.
The Leader in 2020™
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An engaging and interactive workshop to understand Generational IQ and why this is becoming the "next emotional IQ" for business professionals all around the world.
Building Generational IQ™
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Global Mindset is defined by Future Workplace as the ability to integrate cultural intelligence into business operations. Integrate it into your business culture today!
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Think Globally, Succeed Globally™
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Future Workplace is dedicated to re-thinking and re-imagining the workplace and workforce of the future.

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new-hire onboarding innovation jam

Future Workplace Innovation Jams are time-bound online discussions on topics of interest to HR, Talent Development and Corporate Learning. Future Workplace guides the discussion with questions from our team of moderators, including executives from McKinsey, McAfee and Microsoft.

You can join anytime, day or night between the hours of 9:00 am June 8th to 6:00 pm June 12th. Join once a day, twice a week or every day!! It’s flexible according to your time!

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24jun1:00 PM- 2:00 PMCorporate MOOCsFuture Workplace Research Findings - hosted by Jeanne Meister


Jeanne Meister @ Forbes.com
“2020 Workplace: Preparing For The Future”

  • Future Of Work: Mindfulness As A Leadership Practice - April 27, 2015
    I first learned about mindfulness at the moment I needed it the most: I was referred to the mindfulness work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor emeritus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School by my surgeon after breaking both my ankle and top of my foot in an accident. (Disclosure: I am perfectly fine now, […]


Jeanne Meister @ The HBR Blog Network

Make Sure Your Dream Company Can Find You

It used to be that if you wanted to work for a certain company, you went in for an informational interview or waited for a job opening and submitted your resume. These days, you may be better off liking the company on Facebook or joining their Google+ page. That’s because smart companies are no longer waiting for the right candidates to apply. They’re actively seeking them out on social media. Read more on the social media tools forward-looking companies are using to find talent in Jeanne Meister’s most recent Harvard Business Review blog.

Some of the companies in our network include


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