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Sponsored by Harvard Business Publishing. Surviving and thriving in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment is top of mind for all global leaders. Leaders in healthcare, the largest industry in the United States, are not immune to such conditions. Cleveland Clinic consistently ranks as one of America’s top hospitals due to its success in rapidly growing and globally expanding in a VUCA world. Join us to learn more about how Cleveland Clinic’s best practices in learning and development are addressing the challenges facing most companies today.

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Rethink: The Future Workplace


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Bulletproof Interview Special – Jeanne Meister on the 2020 Workplace

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Jeanne Meister @ Forbes.com
“2020 Workplace: Preparing For The Future”

  • Future Of Work: Using Gamification For Human Resources - March 30, 2015
    2015 will be the year gamification inside the workplace migrates from a few isolated pilots to a new way to engage and recognize high performing employees. Gamification takes the essence of games — attributes such as fun, play, transparency, design, competition and yes, addiction— and applies these to a range of real-world processes inside a […]


Jeanne Meister @ The HBR Blog Network

Make Sure Your Dream Company Can Find You

It used to be that if you wanted to work for a certain company, you went in for an informational interview or waited for a job opening and submitted your resume. These days, you may be better off liking the company on Facebook or joining their Google+ page. That’s because smart companies are no longer waiting for the right candidates to apply. They’re actively seeking them out on social media. Read more on the social media tools forward-looking companies are using to find talent in Jeanne Meister’s most recent Harvard Business Review blog.

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Future Workplace is an executive development firm dedicated to rethinking & re-imagining the workplace. FWP works with heads of talent management, corporate learning, diversity and communications departments to create a strategy and plan of action to prepare for the changes impacting recruitment, employee development and engagement.


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