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Learning & Development: A Prescriptive Vision for Accelerating Business Success

Today, companies are seeing accelerating change on many fronts, from corporate transformation efforts and evolving customer behavior to the new work and operating models necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have a growing need to pivot quickly in the face of change, which often requires abrupt shifts in the skills and knowledge that are essential to a modern workforce.

The nature of work itself is changing as well. New jobs requiring new skills are emerging rapidly. Increasingly, employees will need to not only understand and operate advanced technologies, but also learn to work in partnership with artificial intelligence-powered (AI) virtual team members, i.e., bots. And they will be called on to drive innovation in products and processes to continuously increase efficiency and elevate competitiveness.

In short, constant and rapid change has become the new normal for companies and workers alike. An effective L&D strategy goes hand-in-hand with both responding to and benefiting from change.

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