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AI@Work From Fear to Enthusiasm

From conversational user interfaces to blockchain and the Internet of Things—are rapidly being infused into mainstream business operations. As organizations eagerly embrace these new technologies, the relationship between human beings and machines in the workplace is undergoing major transformation. At the same time, AI is shaking up manager and employee dynamics and expectations. Meanwhile, the potential payoff of AI is driving increasingly swift adoption of this technology at an unprecedented rate compared with previous technologies. The numbers speak volumes.

In this eBook, Future Workplace surveyed more than 8,000 employees, managers, and HR leaders, across 10 countries, on their attitudes toward and behaviors regarding AI. Our findings uncovered some startling developments. For instance, as many as 50% of our survey respondents this year said they’re currently using some form of AI at work. Equally striking, people’s perceptions of these technologies—to say nothing of the ways in which they interact with them—are changing as swiftly as the rate of adoption.

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