The Leader in 2025™


As the dynamics of the workplace continue to evolve, so do the best approaches to leadership.

Today employees have different expectations: they increasingly expect a workplace that provides meaning, purpose, builds community and allows them to grow. Strong business skills alone are no longer enough – to build highly productive teams leaders have to know how to address the needs of followers.

Based on the best-selling book ‘The 2020 Workplace’ and the ongoing work of author Jeanne Meister, The Leader in 2025 reviews several mega-trends impacting the future workforce:

  1. Multiple generations of employees
  2. Wearables in the workplace
  3. Social Media as a Leadership Tool
  4. Globalization and the need for a global perspective
  5. The rise of virtual and transparent work
  6. Social Learning and Gamification
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility

Leaders will focus on the most relevant trends and examine their importance using real world scenarios and case studies. They will explore together the upcoming competencies required to thrive in a disruptive workplace. Finally, the group will discuss what activities to initiate now in order to prepare for the future world of work.

Learn and apply the traits of a Leader in the year 2025.


The Leader in 2025 is a development experience that has proven valuable to:

  • Senior executives who wish to invest time in planning future workforce strategies.
  • Leaders in industries facing challenges related to multi-generations in the workforce or the use of emerging technologies in engaging the workforce.
  • Human Resources or Organizational Development teams looking to get ahead of current trends and prepare for the future.
  • A high potential audience that is expected to be prepared to lead in the next five to ten years.


The Leader in 2025 is a suite of modules that run from 60 to 90 minutes in length. Modules can be expanded to dig deeper into each topic. It pairs a presentation and overview of the trends with interactive exercises and group collaboration.


The Leader in 2025 can be delivered as-is, or customized to the needs and specific challenges of your industry and organization. The Leader in 2025 can also be woven into other curriculum or leadership development efforts.

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