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Kevin is a champion of framing trends that shape the future of work with Future Workplace. Kevin leads corporate workshops internationally on disruptive trends and on applying scenario planning to ‘future proof’ workplace strategies. Kevin delivers training sessions for government, academic & corporate audiences in Europe, Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia.

Together, Jeanne Meister (founder of Future Workplace) & Kevin Mulcahy will publish a new book with McGraw Hill“, that will be a forward-looking guide to help business and HR leaders successfully anticipate, plan for and navigate the future workplace”, explicitly dealing with out the disruptive drivers of a diversifying workforce, shifting attitudes towards work and new technologies reshaping the future workplace.

The target market for the book are business leaders, CEO’s, Heads of HR and Corporate Learning and anyone charged with finding the “right” talent and managing talent “right” to grow their business and to better understand the needs and behavioral drivers of their employees and potential employees.

At Babson College, Kevin also teaches entrepreneurship for MBAs and for executive education classes and leads workshops on helping companies scale and increase engagement of their employees. At Harvard Business School, Kevin is an executive leadership coach for C-suite participants on the “Advanced Management Program” to support personal and experiential learning, team development and cultural fit for leaders seeking to accomplish their personal impact goals.

Previously, as a practice head at Fuld & Co., a Boston based consulting firm, Kevin, leading the delivery of insights and recommendations on competitive business and talent practices, facilitating scenario planning and war-gaming exercises for Fortune 500 executive teams to align team members with long-term strategic initiatives. He was the entrepreneurial founder and CEO of an international telecom reseller and held executive roles at Sprint’s headquarters that included facilitating the annual business planning process.

Kevin received his BA degree in Management Science from Trinity College Dublin and holds an MBA in Strategy and Operations from Boston College. He holds an MBA in Strategy and Operations from Boston College. He is a dual US/Irish citizen that enjoys independent film festivals, local theatre, scuba diving, ethnic food, and international travel.

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