McDonald’s was pleased to have Jeanne Meister recently present at our Hamburger University Global Center for Training Campus in Oak Brook Illinois. Her topic, “The 2020 Workplace – How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees,” was well received by our Home Office Corporate and Regional Training Leaders.

The key focus areas of Jeanne’s two hour presentation, were that by 2020 the greatest three forces that will continue to shape our future work and employees are: globalization, shifting in demographics with five generations working side by side and social media that will connect employees, customers, and partners for immediate communication.

Jeanne’s presentation was very positively received by our audience and the content fit perfectly into the topics we have been discussing regarding bringing to life a future vision for training that aligns with what our learners and customers need.

Jeanne has an engaging presentation style, encourages active audience participation and applies relevant research. She is a credible speaker with the knowledge and experience to provide us with practical tips and insights on ways we can continue to lead our organization to win by ensuring we adapt faster to the changing needs of our workforce and customers.

Diana Thomas
Vice President of Training, Learning and Development
McDonald’s Corporation, USA.

To Whom it May Concern;

I am the Learning Events Chair for the Richmond, VA Chapter of SHRM. We invited Jeanne Meister to come and speak to our group in March of 2011. As part of our desire to raise our chapter’s profile in the business community, we promoted the event to business and community leaders, educators, as well as to HR professionals throughout Virginia. As a result, we had almost 200 people attend – the most ever for one of our events.

The response we received from participants was extremely positive. Following are some typical comments from the evaluations:

“The speaker was awesome!”

“The content of the presentation showed how businesses need to ‘speak’ more of the language of the newer generations”

“Very engaging and thought-provoking speaker”

“I would highly recommend this presentation to fellow HR colleagues. The topic of social media is intriguing and the idea of forecasting the workplace in 2020 encourages us to embrace technological changes and become more forward thinking.”

“Fresh, thought-provoking topic that applies to all aspects of life – not just to the HR function. I also appreciated the breadth and depth of her extensive research.”

Jeanne was an engaging, enthusiastic, and entertaining speaker. Her research and topic is leading edge and of utmost interest and importance to business and HR leaders as they think about growing, retaining and motivating talent in the future.

Julie C. Johnson
2011 Learning Events Director
Richmond SHRM

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