Speech and Workshop Topics

Generations @ Work
By the year 2020, there will be five generations in the workplace. Heads of human resources, talent management, corporate learning and corporate universities must deal with new ways to attract, develop and engage all five generations and prepare for age diversity in the workplace.

Multiple Generations @ Work: Findings From a Global Survey of Employees and Managers
This highly interactive, four-hour workshop provides organizations with an opportunity to:

  • Learn results of current research regarding their expectations and perceptions for an employer of choice;
  • Engage with colleagues in online pre work on their perceptions of generations in an online collaboration community;
  • Uncover the range skills (work related and life skills) needed in the future workplace from point of view of workers and managers segmented by generation
  • Examine the leading trends and implications in the 2020 workplace;
  • Understand the opportunities, challenges and expectations members of a multi-generation workforce will place on employers and on managers
  • Probe the differences in how employees and managers view an employer of choice;
  • Discuss and review how best-of-breed organizations are using new ways to source, attract, develop and engage multiple generations of employees;
  • Share predictions for what to expect in the 2020 workplace and how you can prepare yourself, your team and your organization

Imagination to Innovation: Thriving in the 2020 Workplace
Applied creativity is the key to innovation. We can’t be innovative – as individuals or as organizations – if we don’t allow ourselves to think differently, question our assumptions and take calculated risks. If your organization wants to be more innovative, you need to recognize and develop creative talent in your people.

This workshop helps you:

  • Learn how individuals and teams can think in new ways to become more innovative.
  • Make innovation part of everyone’s job so that you can leverage new ideas across the entire organization.
  • Help your teams imagine “what if,” redefine problems in new ways, engage in collaborative teamwork, and produce innovative outcomes.

Employees can develop these mission-critical skills in creative thinking and problem solving so that your organization can not only survive in the 2020 workplace – but thrive – through innovative thinking and doing. This workshop incorporates the Basadur Creativity Profile, which is a tool for learning, experiencing and measuring one’s own unique style of creativity, as well as for understanding how teams can leverage their different ways of thinking, respect differences and work together more innovatively.

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