Why Join the Future Workplace Network?


Following the publication of the best selling book, The 2020 Workplace, Future Workplace created a consortium focused and rooted in thought leadership on how the future of work and the future workforce is impacting human resources, corporate learning & talent management departments. We have a unique offering composed of senior practitioners who share “their real challenges” in an open setting with peers. We invite you to experience this for yourself, meet our members, see the benefits of becoming part of a senior peer-to-peer executive development network. We meet twice a year in face to face meetings hosted by members at their location, plus members share “next practices” and form communities to benchmark best practices. In between live meetings, members also take advantage of telepresence meetings, jams, and future of work webinars. Find out how you can become a part of the Future Workplace Network, by contacting us via our Contact Page or directly at info@futureworkplace.com.

Here’s what some of our members are saying about their involvement in The Future Workplace Network.

The Kraft Heinz Company

Head of Learning and Development

Future Workplace is a very intimate cohort of some of the leading companies from around the world… Community building and best practice sharing are ways we’ve really benefited.

Chief Learning Officer


The Network is one of those gems where you feel like you have found a treasure chest filled with prodigies—individuals who deliver engrossing topics; individuals who you make meaningful bonds with you; individuals who fire up your mind. Above all, Jeanne Meister and her team have provided a venue that in size and scope creates an insatiable appetite for you to return time and time again—you just might miss something unbelievable!

GE Digital

Agile Recruiting and Technology Leader

Future Workplace has been great bringing together leaders from companies around the globe, discussing pressing issues in the HR space and coming up with great solutions.

Agilent Technologies

Senior Director

Overall, the value of the Network is not only to bring together a rich group of successful and effective companies and HR practitioners, but to focus topics and discussions on what is coming in the future AND how we can best prepare ourselves, our HR teams and our business leaders today to meet the challenges of the future. The Network enables an environment to share ideas, emerging thinking and experimentation through both in-person events as well as through social interaction tools. Being in a conversation about where the puck is going (versus where it is today or where it has been in the past) is extremely valuable for us at Agilent.

fwp-logo-small-fullThe key benefits you can count on in your membership include:

Build Your Senior Peer-to-Peer Network…

  • Thought provoking and future forward discussions and “next” practice sharing among senior leaders in Corporate Learning, Talent Management, and Human Resources.
  • We do not segment out by job specific role instead we focus on those Learning/HR/Talent professionals that are “on the edge” in implementing the latest practices into their organizations such as Corporate MOOCs, Social Collaboration Centers, Gamification, Wearables in the workplace and more…
  • This is your opportunity to build your personal network with senior peers who are Future proofing their HR/Learning/Talent departments.



Experience the Future of Learning & Working

  • Throughout the year, Future Workplace hosts a number of virtual and in-person gatherings in addition to twice yearly meetings hosted by members.
  • Our meetings always use state of the art technology for you to experience and try in your own organization, such as Cisco TelePresence and Future Workplace Jams, in addition to webinars.
  • We also regularly survey our members on key topics related to the future of learning and working and then recap results as digital assets, so members can share with their teams and use as content for team meetings at their companies.


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