Martina Mangelsdorf (Europe)

European Director, 2020 Workplace Network, Future Workplace

Martina Mangelsdorf is a facilitator, trainer, speaker and the managing director of GAIA Insights, a boutique firm specializing in leadership development for Generation Y. As a dedicated human resources professional, she has more than a decade of experience in corporate staffing and talent management. Her functional expertise was built in small organizations, as well as in large multinationals, where she had different positions of increasing responsibility. Prior to founding GAIA Insights, Martina held leadership roles at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland and Latin America, at DuPont de Nemours in Spain, and at EMDS Group in Belgium. Most recently, Martina was head of talent management and staffing for the Latin America region with Novartis, based in the United States.

Having lived in five countries and worked or traveled in more than 50, Martina embraces life as a truly global citizen. She was fortunate to see a lot of the planet’s diversity and benefit from inspiring encounters when, in her late 20s, she fulfilled her childhood dream of backpacking around the world solo. This life-changing experience shaped her view of human nature and led her to infuse her newfound insights into corporate talent management. Martina has always been fascinated with the personal development process and its impact on expanding potential. Specifically, she is intrigued by the role memorable experiences play in that process, serving to reconnect individuals with their own true sense of purpose. Influenced by the principles of gamification and positive psychology, Martina has developed energizing concepts that initiate behavioral change and result in sustainable leadership qualities. Her energizing facilitation and personal style have touched and inspired numerous participants in various sessions.

Realizing how many companies in all industries struggle to develop their next generation of leaders, mostly consisting of Generation Y talent, Martina brought together her passions for people, the planet and for expanding potential by founding GAIA Insights. Traditional interventions, usually designed by older generations for their own workforce peers, do not sufficiently address Gen Y’s needs and successfully attracting, retaining and developing the ever-growing Gen Y talent pool means speaking their language and truly understanding their generational attributes and values. With this expertise, Martina supports Future Workplace in the areas of generational diversity, leadership development and as an experienced facilitator, as well as network coordinator.

Originally from Germany, Martina earned a B.A. from International Management School intermas in international business administration and graduated with honors. She is certified in various assessment instruments and fluently speaks English and German, along with some French, Spanish and Italian. She presents at international conferences and corporate events, as well as hosts webinars and gives university lectures. She runs the cross-generational discussion group “Gen Y Lounge” on LinkedIn and is the author of the popular GAIA Blog. Martina is currently working on her first book.

Based in Switzerland, Martina serves as prime contact for our clients and 2020 Workplace Network members located in Europe.