2020 Workplace Network – October Webinar: ENGAGING MULTIPLE PATHWAYS TO LEARNING AT WORK

You are invited to be our guest for the next 2020 Workplace Network member webinar on Tuesday, October 9. Please sign up NOW for:

Julian Stodd, E-Learning Director, Europe, GP Strategies; Author, Exploring the World of Social Learning

Explore the underlying methodology for learning: setting a context, demonstrating relevant skills and knowledge, exploration of this knowledge, reflection within the subject and, finally, assessment and footsteps back into the everyday reality of work. Understand this underlying structure and consider how we can apply this within learning including: scenario-based learning, blended-learning approaches, and social learning layers. Learn how to apply practical strategies to put these ideas into practice.

DATE: Tuesday, October 9, 2012
TIME: 1 to 2 p.m. EST
TO REGISTER: Visit this page to register for the webinar. Once the host confirms your request, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing you online!

P.S. Find out how you can preview the 2020 Workplace Network as a guest at our next member meeting in Las Vegas on November 8 and 9 — featuring a tour of Zappos and conversation about its great workplace culture! Contact Carolyn Carniaux at carolyn@futureworkplace.com for more information.

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